Well, hello there, lovely visitors!

MeI’ve got lots of stuff scattered around the interwebs so I thought I’d create this as somewhere to pull it all together into one big creative blob.

Check out the menu for pages with details of my things under various categories.  I’ll be adding more as and when they appear…

Anyway, hope you like my stuff of various flavours – please feel free to send me a message / abuse / declarations of undying love / etc. if you like ☺️

Big kisses for everyone xxx

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Theresa Goes To The Coffee Shop

Theresa goes to the coffee shop...


Bistro (Place We Used To Go)

Just finished a new version of my song “Bistro” – pretty pleased with it – let me know what you think 🙂


School Cuts Graphics

I put these together based on data from www.schoolcuts.org.uk – please feel free to download / share / print / etc.

I’m also happy to knock up more for other schools if wanted – quickest way is to message me on facebook 🙂

Also – if you spot any errors please let me know!



Man In Beige

A new Castiel / Supernatural – themed design I made for my redbubble store 🙂




A Bigger Man (My Dad)

Another reworked track of mine – added a few layers of organ and some sax 🙂


Confession Of Character


Natural Order + Lifetime Long Gone (2017 Versions)

Have been reworking a few of my songs lately, and these are the first two I’ve finished. Well, as much as anything I do is ever “finished” 🙂

Natural Order

Lifetime Long Gone


Coping With Anxiety Attacks

I wrote this a while back in response to a post in a mental health support group, but thought I’d share it here too. It’s a list of few things that I find it helpful to remember when I’m having a panic attack – hopefully they might help some of you… 🙂


It feels like they will never go away, but they always do eventually – you just need to find a way of letting some time pass.  Whatever you are doing, however you are feeling, time keeps ticking on and you get closer and closer to coming out the other side. Continue reading


Fan Art

There’s a few designs I’ve made to put up on my redbubble shop that they have removed on copyright grounds, even though I drew them from scratch myself.  Anyway, I thought I’d put them up here – essentially they are fan art – use them however you like but please credit me 🙂 Continue reading