Thank You Mural for NHS and Key Workers

Finished a mural to say thank you to NHS and key workers yesterday, painted on our garage door.  This is a time lapse of us all painting it, with soundtrack by me & my daughter (a cover of Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves).

Thought I’d also share Solace’s original design, which I think we stayed pretty true to: Continue reading

Please Remember Me

Inspired by the personal stories of WW1, I wrote this song with my wife for Remembrance Day and marking 100 years since the end of the war.

We started writing on the night of Friday 9th November 2018 and finished this rough recording at 5am Sunday 11th. We were tired, but at least we weren’t in the trenches.

The more I connect with the stories of those who lives through it, the more in awe I am of the strength they showed and sacrifices they made.

The audio is also available stream or download from bandcamp or to stream on soundcloud.

The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans, and their families. Please donate if you can:

Who Covered Amanda Palmer

Alongside the time I’ve spent these past months on my album, I’ve also been collaborating with a number of Amanda Palmer fans on a cover of the entirety of her first solo album, “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”.

If you’re not familiar with her music, I recommend giving her a listen – there really aren’t any bad ways to do that but the original version of this album is a pretty great place to start.

As brilliant as her music is, what has hooked me even more is the incredible community amongst her fans, strongly influenced by her nurturing and communicative way of being an artist, and her book The Art Of Asking.

I’ve been a part of that tribe online for a number of years and it is one of the most wonderfully supportive, caring and creative places I have ever (virtually) been.

This album grew out of that and it represents more than just recordings – it’s connections made across the world and friendships started – all of the things that make being an artist so exciting right now with the internet to join like minds together.

You can listen to the album on YouTube via the playlist below and there is also a booklet / liner notes PDF with details on the performers. That includes my daughter, Solly, who did a beautiful vocal on “The Point Of It All” 😊

Shout out to Zack, who brought the project into being and organised it, and to all the other awesome musicians that took part: Lea, Orly, Hayley, Tracy, Karen, Joshua, Jayem, Jakob, Toby, Eli, Lauren, Shiranne, Veronica it’s been a fantastic experience ❤️

You Tube Playlist: Who Covered Amanda Palmer