Sara Pascoe on Consent

I’ve just finished reading Sara Pascoe’s really brilliant book, Animal. Well, not actually “reading”; I listened to the audiobook, because a lot of my free time is in the car and literally reading while driving down the M3 is not very sensible.

I’d reccomend it to absolutely everyone. Honestly, I think something like this book should be part of the National Curriculum.  Continue reading


This comic is a new project I’m working on. If it isn’t obvious, the idea is to use an imaginary world where Vampires and Humans live side by side to make a point about the patriarchy / male privilege that exists in our society.

Two episodes available so far:

VAMPIERARCHY - Episode #1: Asking For It

Hope to create more soon: watch this space… 🙂

Feminism & Equality: Game ~Not~ Over

[Trigger warning: sexual harassment / assault]

We think we live in an “enlightened” society. We look back on the inequalities of the past, at how far we’ve come and I think just maybe we sometimes feel a teensy bit smug.

Don’t get me wrong – many, many things are much, much better than they were 100, 50, 25, even 10 years ago. This is a brilliant thing, brought about by countless brave pioneers and legions of unsung heroes.

But the war has not been won. There are still deep inequalities in our society and one of the biggest threats is the idea that we can somehow sit back and coast – that our society is somehow “done” – it is “equal”. Continue reading